Understanding Your Cycle With Endometriosis

Richardson Samia

Richardson Samia

Understanding Your Cycle With EndometriosisUnderstanding your cycle with endometriosis is a vital part of navigating the disease. The disease can cause symptoms at any point in the process. These symptoms can range from mild discomfort to severe pain. You can take steps to minimize your pain and improve your overall health.

During the first two weeks of your cycle, estrogen levels increase. This hormone affects the growth of endometrial tissue, which can result in pain during this time. During the ovulation phase, you may also experience bleeding or pelvic discomfort. These symptoms can negatively impact your fertility, which is why working with a medical professional is essential.

Although endometriosis does not have a cure, you can treat it with hormonal contraceptives. These drugs can make your period more manageable and reduce your estrogen levels, which reduces the chances of new lesions. Hormonal treatment can also prevent your endometrial lining from clogging or breaking down. However, it is essential to remember that hormone therapy is only a temporary solution for your symptoms.

If you suspect endometriosis, you must seek a medical professional’s diagnosis. Some women may have been suffering from the disease for years without knowing it. In such cases, it can take years to make a proper diagnosis.

Therefore, keeping track of your symptoms and discussing them with your doctor is essential. It is also important to remember that endometriosis does not affect all women equally. There are alternative period products that can help reduce cramping, like the AdetCup Reusable Menstrual cup.

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