What’s the Difference Between a Menstrual Cup and a Menstrual Disc?    

Richardson Samia

Richardson Samia

Menstrual Cups Vs. Menstrual Discs

There are several differences between a menstrual cup and a menstrual disc. While they are both absorbent products, menstrual discs are used for collection. Some companies may use these terms interchangeably. It is essential to know the differences to make the right choice.


When comparing menstrual cups vs. discs, consider the advantages and disadvantages of each. While both are comfortable, the disc is a more flexible option. Its flexible design means that you can use it at any time. It is also less demanding than the menstrual cup.

Unlike the cup, reusable discs don’t seal or suction, making them easier to remove if you have grip issues. The discs also don’t take up as much vaginal real estate.

Since menstrual discs do not have stems, they must be washed often. Moreover, they are taller than menstrual cups. Discs are also more expensive than cups, so you should consider each product’s pros and cons before making a final decision.

Discs are disposable, but the discs have their disadvantages. Because they require careful insertion, they may not be convenient for public restrooms. Also, insertion is an added barrier for many women.


Menstrual cups come in a variety of sizes. Some are longer than others. Generally speaking, the enormous cups hold more fluid than their smaller counterparts. A smaller cup may be more comfortable for some women than a larger one. Menstrual cups are also available in a variety of shapes and firmness.

Your cup size depends on several factors, including age, childbearing history, and cervical position. Women with a low cervix and a short vaginal canal should buy a larger cup. If unsure of your size, you can try inserting your finger. You’ll probably need a larger cup if the finger reaches your knuckle.

Several companies offer several menstrual cup sizes. It is helpful to know the correct size for your vagina to prevent leaks. Also, make sure the product you buy is durable and fits comfortably. Make sure you read the label on the box carefully.

Environmental impact

The Environmental Impact of a menstrual cup is much smaller than that of a disc. Using reusable menstrual products can reduce the use of cotton tampons, which can clog septic systems. Also, reusable pads and period underwear can help reduce the amount of waste generated.

Menstrual cups have less than 1% of the environmental impact over a year compared to single-use products. This means they can break even with single-use options after about two to three months. This is significant, considering that menstrual products require resources to manufacture and consume.

Disposable sanitary products contribute to the growing amount of plastic in our oceans and landfills. Each year, close to 20 billion hygienic products are disposed of. Most are not recyclable or cleanable and do not degrade appropriately in landfills. Additionally, the plastic in tampons and applicators pollutes waterways and can harm marine life.

Suction power

The suction power of a menstrual cup or disc varies. Some cups are more effective at catching heavy menstrual flow than others. However, some people with the heavy flow may not feel comfortable using a cup. For these women, reusable discs are a better option.

Menstrual discs are not as popular as cups, but new brands are launching in 2022. Discs also come in fewer brands than cups. And as they are less popular, choosing the right one can be more challenging. To help you decide, you can take the AdetCup Quiz to help you choose the best menstrual product for your needs.

Menstrual discs are insertable round discs that provide up to 12 hours of protection. They help women have sex during their period without having to worry about mess or cramps. The discs sit deep inside the vagina and are more significant than menstrual cups. You shouldn’t feel them, but they can hold up to five regular tampons.

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