Can a Menstrual Cup Damage the Cervix?

Richardson Samia

Richardson Samia

Menstrual Cup and the Cervix

A menstrual cup is meant to form a tight seal around the vaginal wall. The cup should be inserted gently, and the rim should be slightly above the vagina. It can be worn for up to 12 hours at a time but should always be cleaned thoroughly before use. It should also be removed when full or empty.

Menstrual cups are made of latex or silicone. They sit in the vagina and catch the menstrual flow. Unlike tampons, worn up against the cervix, menstrual cups sit lower in the vagina, past the pubic bone. This creates a slight vacuum that keeps the cup in place and prevents leaks. The cups also provide a secure seal, controlling blood flow.

While a menstrual cup is relatively safe for most women, it can endanger your cervix by wearing incorrectly. It is essential to select the right size for your vagina. Often, the miniature cup works best for some women. For example, women with a flat vagina and an intact hymen may want to try a smaller Model 1.

If the cervix is covered in the cup, it may be too tight and cause discomfort. In this case, you should consider wearing a menstrual cup without the stem, which makes the cup shorter and easier to place in the vagina. Alternatively, you can remove the stem and wear it lower in the vagina.

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